About Us

Rooster, aka Curtis Lee Wheeler, was born in Collins, Covington county, south Mississippi. According to state records on October 5th 1937. Back then records were a little hazy and he will gladly show you his birth certificate which states the date was actually October 6th 1938, thats fine with Rooster, he still happily celebrates 2 birthdays a year! Raised in the Delta deep in Shaw, Mississippi, he and his Daddy and 5 of his brothers worked as did so many others by picking cotton and music became a part of his life.
When the Louisiana World Exposition came to New Orleans in May 1984 his uncle, Cleveland Booth,a guitar player in his own right suggested that he should try for a gig on world famous Bourbon St. Having nothing to lose Rooster spent his last money on a run down van & with his guitar headed off to Bourbon St. With his outgoing personality and entertaining charm he was hired the same day at After Hours Club,617 Bourbon St and has never looked back. From playing gigs all around the country from the House Of Blues to New Orleans Jazz Festival he is happiest entertaining on Bourbon St with his band The Chickenhawks, and entertain you he most certainly will. Come see for yourself at Chris Owens Club, 500 Bourbon St where he is currently located. We promise you a night to remember!